• Eurythmia – Harmony & Proportion

    Is modern life becoming too much for you?

    Do you have trouble balancing the demands of work and career, home, family, health, leisure and relaxation in this frenetically busy 24-hour world we live in today?

    Find out how to regain a sense of harmony and proportion, and put some balance back into your life HERE….

    Eurythmia – Harmony & Proportion
  • Work Life Balance

    In a world in which we seem never to have been busier, how do we strike the right work life balance?

    How do we juggle the demands of our career, our family, our health and our need for some time to ourselves or to relax with friends? How do we best handle stress?

    Find out what you can do to get back in balance HERE….

    Work Life Balance
  • Relaxation and Sleep

    How ‘down’ is your down-time, in this world of all-night TV programming and constant contactability?

    Are you really benefiting from your down-time, and relaxing effectively? Or do you find switching off difficult? Do you suffer from sleep deprivation or sleep problems?

    Find out a few things about taking relaxation seriously HERE….

    Relaxation and Sleep
  • Meditation

    The old stereotype of meditation used to be of bearded gurus in cheesecloth – or chanting, shaven-headed monks – or tree-hugging hippie girls. But these days it is more likely to be high-flying business executives and top doctors recommending regular meditation practice.

    Find out why, how to meditate, and which of the many meditation techniques might best suit you HERE….

  • Environment and Sustainability

    No matter whether you’re a climate change skeptic or a true believer, it is clear to almost everyone these days that we need to re-think our energy use and where we source it.

    And we have never seemed more in danger from toxic environments and products!

    Find out what you should be wary of – in your bodies and your homes – and some possible solutions HERE…..

    Environment and Sustainability
  • Inspiration and Creativity

    Humans tend to be happiest and most fulfilled when being creative and inspired (or inspiring) in their work.

    Without challenge, we tend to stagnate. “The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it”, warned artistic giant Michelangelo.

    Have a look at some inspiring and creative things – and be inspired – HERE….

    Inspiration and Creativity
  • Art, Music and Culture

    Our art, our music, our literature – our culture – are an essential ingredient of what makes us human.

    Nothing inspires and teaches like a good story. We can be moved to tears by evocative music, an expressive work of art, or a photograph that captures a telling moment in time.

    And yet, how often these days do we just stop and “smell the roses”? Take the opportunity HERE….

    Art, Music and Culture
  • Spirituality

    While modern radical atheism seems to be trying to evangelise us into a belief that life is simply a random progression of incidents in physics and biology, humans seem to be hot-wired by evolution to be happiest and most fulfilled when they add some spiritual dimension to their existence.

    Find out why every society on Earth has developed a mythology and what it means for us today HERE….

  • Personal Development

    US “New Thought” author Wallace D Wattles said “The very best thing you can do for the world is to make the most of yourself.”

    And people have been trying to fulfil that dream one way or another since the ancient Greeks taught, “Know thyself”.

    Some books / teachers / organisations have great value. Some are not so good. Find out what works well HERE….

    Personal Development
  • Our uncommon Products

    Eurythmia offers a small range of quality products specifically addressing issues dealt with on this site.

    Some are in-house produced; others are included because they are a favourite of ours through long use. Still other selected products are sourced from several companies that meet our exacting standards.

    Have a look at our product range HERE….

    Our uncommon Products

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