Alan Watts talks about “waking up”

Philosopher Alan Watts talks in this video about how we are all part of God, but that we hide this from ourselves in a kind of sleep. This can lead to our tendency to see ourselves as a victim, and that we create the barriers in our own lives to “waking up” to a new way of seeing the world. He also talks about the role of real gurus in playing a devil’s advocate to our delusions.

Alan Watts ☮ The Way of Waking Up

Dr John Demartini on achieving wealth through “financial gurus”

If you’re looking for an alternative way to earn a living beyond the insecure daily grind which has become work for most of us these days, you’ve probably been attracted to one of those ‘Work from Home’ of ‘Get Rich Quick’ seminars.

Don’t get me wrong. Some of them can give you absolutely valuable information and motivation. Most of them are trying to sell you something. Sometimes it may be worth every cent. But sometimes it’s the digital equivalent of the old proverbial snake oil.

Here’s what Dr John Demartini, psychologist and a noted presenter at wealth seminars himself, has to say about this.

Dr John Demartini – The lie about wealth told by “gurus”

I think he injects a healthy note of caution into this quest, of which we could well take heed.

Occasionally we find a gem out there, but much of what is being offered is fool’s gold.