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Your Life in Balance

Are you feeling stressed? Is your dial switched to 'high' too?

Is modern life becoming too much for you?

Do you have trouble balancing the demands of work and career, home, family, health, learning, leisure and relaxation in this frenetically busy 24-hour world we live in today?
How do we best handle stress?
And what about this crazy world we live in today? Which seems to be getting crazier by the minute …. Don’t you think?
Cover of e-book coming March 2019
Pretty woman shows perfect balance

How do we strike the right life balance in a world in which we seem never to have been busier?

On this site you can find discussions of many ways to regain a sense of harmony and proportion. Choose what works for you, and put some balance back into your life.
And watch out for my e-book – as seen to the left – anticipated launch date December 2019! (Will also be available as print-on-demand.)


21st Century Enlightenment

What are the best values, norms and lifestyles which we can adopt in order to live more effective and fulfilling lives in the 21st Century? And make the world a better place?

Matthew Taylor, CEO of the enlightenment organisation, the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce), explores the idea of a new 21st Century Enlightenment.

This RSA Animate suggests the new ideas and attitudes that could best help us meet the personal and societal – and world – challenges we face today.

Find out more about the RSA at http://www.thersa.org