Welcome to Eurythmia!

Eurythmia is an ethical business which aims to help its clients to achieve their own eurythmia – defined as a mirroring of natural laws of harmony, beauty and proportion – in whatever areas of their lives they feel the need.

Since the “Greed is Good” 1980s, there have been developments in corporate and business practices that many of us do not like. Eurythmia uses the word “ethical” in its opening lines above completely deliberately. This is the way we want to operate, and we want to do business with like-minded people. And who knows, if there are enough of us, we just might give new impetus to the “hundredth monkey” principle.

Wouldn’t it be nice.

Modern Life: problems … but also possibilities!

In this second decade of the 21st Century we seem to be coming to a turning point in the history of how we live on this Earth, especially in the West.

So often we see only the worst side of things. Look at the recent Mayan Calendar phenomenon and how some people were all too ready to see in it the End of the World. (How many times would that be now?)

Certainly we face unprecedented problems, but just possibly we also face unprecedented opportunities.

What you can expect from this website

This site reflects my journey in life for the last thirty years or so, since the time I discovered I did not in fact know everything.

On these webpages I want to share with you some of the things I have discovered about achieving eurythmia, as well as to offer you some solutions that work for me. I can’t claim to have achieved eurythmia yet – I’m as much guilty of getting distracted by life as the next person. And while I can’t claim to have all the answers, at least I think I have started to ask many of the right questions.

But I also want to find out about your ideas and experiences and solutions. The very fact you’re here at this website probably means that you’re already interested in these topics. Undoubtedly, you have already made your own discoveries and developed your own insights.

I hope that others will read our discussions, and chords will be struck; or they may have their minds exposed to new ideas and that may help them. Or they may pass ideas on to others who can be helped. If there are things here that are new to you, then I hope we can help to broaden your horizons in a positive way, as well as give you some practical help, if that’s what you’re looking for.

I hope we can start a discussion on many topics, throw a few stones in the local pond, but possibly create some ripples which might turn into a wave that crashes upon some distant shore.

How to change your life: You can make a difference. Create a ripple!

You can make a difference. Create some ripples!


A bit alternative – but proof required!

I intend Eurythmia to be known as a website that offers an intriguing, inspiring, but very practical and realistic range of commentary, ideas and solutions.

And while there will be some ‘alternative’, even ‘New Agey’ ideas here, I work on the basis of evidence and proof. If it works for me, it may work for you. But I’m open to critical analysis, and if you have a different or negative experience of something you read or see here, then I’m happy for you to tell me about it, and I’ll post it on the website.

I think we have to be critical of all we are told today. It doesn’t matter who’s telling us – politicians, journalists, doctors, faith healers, corporative executives, activists, salespeople and, yes, bloggers. Everyone is trying to sell you a particular line. Some you can believe. Some you can’t. We have to learn to distinguish between the two. It seems increasingly that not enough of us can.

These days I am excited about advances made by science, by conventional medicine and our big pharmaceutical companies. But I don’t think our doctors and Big Pharma should go unquestioned, as much as we should also never fail to question our alternative medicine practitioners. I was very skeptical about acupuncture until I tried it – with one particular practitioner. He got amazing results – everything he claimed to be able to do. Yet several others I went to were totally ineffectual. If I had gone only to them, I would think acupuncture doesn’t work. Clearly, there are good genuine practitioners of both alternative and conventional medicine out there – and ones who are pretty hopeless.

The same goes for every field of human endeavour.

Join the discussion!

We’re all here to learn. I want to learn as much from this as I hope you do.

The goal is a better world and a better life for us all. We can all achieve our own ‘eurythmia’ far more easily together.

Thanks for visiting the site. Hope to see and hear from you again… and again… and again!