• The key to keeping your balance - knowing when you've lost it

Eurythmia aims to help people achieve their own goals of optimum physical, environmental, personal and business wellbeing.

Vision Statement

Eurythmia recognises that modern life is unprecedented in the stresses and strains it puts on people, often just to keep up busy lifestyles, activity schedules and goals. It is becoming increasingly common and recognised that many Australians already suffer from some form of depression or anxiety. But even just keeping up with the family and lifestyle demands of the early 21st Century puts unprecedented stress on people. It seems everyone is chronically time-poor these days.

Eurythmia aims to help people address some of the complexities and stresses of modern life and to de-stress by providing the best quality educational, instructional and inspirational information, with supporting products that give clients some resources to reclaim that time, to reclaim their equilibrium, their sense of proportion and personal harmony. We aim to be amongst Australia’s foremost online presences assisting anyone who can find value in our philosophy, principles, information and support for the achievement of balance, happiness and self-actualisation.

Above all, we aim to be real. The opinions and information on the website will accurately reflect our own philosophy and attitudes, and you will never read an unashamed sales pitch that is there to sell without regard to our principles. This does not mean that we are not open to others’ ideas, suggestions and points of view. Indeed, if you can convince us of their value and they fall within Eurythmia’s scope, we will be happy to adopt them.

We aim to exceed the expectations of our visitors and customers. We will do this by maintaining the highest standards of values and integrity, as well as by achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction, with extraordinary emphasis on the real value of what we provide.

Mission Statement

The mission of Eurythmia is to enhance customers’ personal lives and / or personal pursuits by providing quality products that contribute to the establishment or restoration of a sense of personal harmony and proportion. Our aim is to provide the resources that contribute to visitors and clients establishing and achieving their own goals of proportion and harmony in whichever area(s) they see the need.

These products will be marketed and sold through an inspiring and informative series of websites and will range from educational, instructional or inspirational information and products through to physical support products. In particular, and within the niche, the targeted areas for enhanced harmony will be physical, environmental, emotional, social, mental/intellectual and spiritual, as well as any ideas to achieve financial security which we believe are ethical and have merit and possiblity.

All products will be targeted towards an Australian market, but we also anticipate resonance in other English speaking countries and, if there appears to be scope for it, translation into a more international appeal. As globalisation, new communication systems and changes in what people value are affecting every country on Earth at this stage of the new century, we see the scope (and need) as unlimited.