Jon Giann poses some interesting ideas about self-worth

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There are a lot of financial gurus spouting their ‘wisdom’ all over the Internet. Jon Giann describes himself as a “Self-Educated Multi-Millionaire Investor”, and while I don’t agree with everything he writes, often he is able to see through the hype out there and give some really insightful commentary on matters pertaining to economy, politics, wealth-generation and personal issues that might be holding us back.

This recent post on his blog is one of his best, and examines the idea of the misconceptions of what people are really worth. Don’t hold the typos in this article against him; it’s unusual and I’ve never seen it before.

He writes:

No, the world is full of ridiculous things to waste money on – jewellery, boats, Paris Hilton. We can rest assured that price tags in the modern era have nothing to do with value.

The second (very powerful) technique is to focus on how much value you’re bringing to the world. Look beyond the things you get paid for. Make a list of all the ways that you bring value to the world – to the contributions you make to the lives of others