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The Holstee Company produces a lot of unique and inspiring products as well as a regular e-newsletter with all kinds of reflections on modern life.

Some of these reflections can be hum-drum and a little starry eyed, some are really worth reading, and occasionally there is a gem.

This article from Saskia Kerkvliet, Community Building Director at Dachi Tea Co., is one of those gems. It describes 5 things that will both improve your wellbeing and help you get more out of your life. And in principle they’re so easy, as you’re probably already doing some or many of them. Find out what here….

Wisdom on life balance from Bob Proctor’s “Insight of the Day”

Bob Proctor’s daily e-mail newsletters sometimes contain absolute gems. This one I just have to pass on.

Heart Health Specialist Dr. Cynthia Thaik wrote recently about creating life balance. Take particular note of the details in her four bolded bullet points: Build sources of renewable energy; Lower your stress response; Connect with your inner self; and Learn to become present in the moment. What’s covered in those points are basically what Eurythmia’s all about.

Here’s Bob Proctor’s post of Dr Thaik’s article:

The Heart of Health: