Matthew Taylor and 21st Century Enlightenment

Matthew Taylor is the RSA’s Chief Executive, and in this animation video he explores how the idea of 21st Century Enlightenment could help us meet today’s challenges.

As this video sums up many of the concerns of this website, we’ve decided to feature it on our home page.

RSA Animate – 21st Century Enlightenment

Don’t tell others about your goal setting!

Our goal setting is supposed to gain more power if we write our goals down. And it is conventional wisdom that, if we tell someone else we are further motivated to achieve them. However, “Entrepreneur, programmer, avid student of life” Derek Sivers suggests that nearly a century of psychological research shows it is better to keep your goals to yourself.

Derek Sivers: Keep your goals to yourself

Why do we reach 40 and experience midlife crisis?

Founder of, Vishen Lakhiani, suggests that most people today are caught up in achieving what he calls “means goals”, rather than “ends goals”. As a result we are obsessed with day to day concerns, and suddenly reach our forties dissatisfied with where life has brought us.

The 3 Most Important Questions to Ask Yourself

In this video, he reflects on the midlife crisis and offers a practical exercise to help us work out what each individual is really meant to do with his/her life.

(To download the PDF goal setting sheet, go to the YouTube address above.)

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Bob Proctor asks you to challenge the paradigms determining your life

In this short video, Bob Proctor, author of You Were Born Rich and teacher of “the power of their mind to achieve prosperity, rewarding relationships and spiritual awareness”, tries to enlighten us by pointing out that we have been absorbing paradigms (beliefs) about ourselves since our early childhood, and that our success or lack of success is overwhelmingly determined by these.

And he says we can change our ability to achieve success by shifting those paradigms.

Bob Proctor – Shift Your Paradigm

Dr John Demartini on why we don’t achieve our goals

Here is another post from Dr John Demartini on achieving your goals, and why they must be congruent with your Higher Self values.

“Every time you set a goal that doesn’t match your higher values you will need outside motivation to keep you working towards it. If you don’t have motivation from the outside you will probably stop doing it and go back to your real true higher values. If you expect yourself to achieve your goals, and you keep not doing it, then you’re not going to feel great about yourself. You are going to feel like you’re not a master of your destiny.”

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