Contact and the “Good old days”

Remember the “Good old days” before mobile phones and the expectation of 24 hour contactability, when your time after the close of work was your own? When going on holiday meant you were practically and in principle uncontactable, except in a real emergency?

One of the great stresses of the 21st Century, and one we are responsible for imposing on ourselves, is this idea that we “should” be contactable at any hour of any day, anywhere we are. Obviously in an emergency situation the ability to be able to be contacted almost immediately or to contact others ourselves is a great technological leap forward. But we have turned it into a double-edged sword that we are using against ourselves.

Besides the privacy issues, there are practical health issues too. Repeated studies have shown that younger people especially leave their mobile phones on next to their beds. When they should be engaged in rejuvenating sleep, they frequently have their rest interrupted at all hours through phone calls and text messages about often frivolous issues.

It really does come down to manners and consideration for others, and a good dose of common sense, which unfortunately seems to be all too lacking these days. I remember the days when it was considered bad manners to ring someone who was not an immediate family member past a certain time in the evening. Perhaps we need to reimpose some old-school manners. Such etiquette was, after all, usually based on common-sense principles about consideration, and how best to get on with one another.

So, as diplomatically as you can, make your limits clear about contactability, and if necessary switch your mobile off in your off-duty periods. Show others the same consideration by thinking before you dial. And if you are in a position of power over someone else, such as in an employer/employee relationship, realise that the onus for setting a good example is especially on you. Be the person you would like everyone else to be.

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