Eurythmia’s flagship product: the Eurythmia Calendar

The Eurythmia Calendar is an annual 28 page fine art calendar which will feature a new theme each year focused around either a particular artistic movement or the anniversary of a major world event. Art themes are linked to a particular artistic movement or group of artists (such as ‘Painters of the German Romantic Movement’ (2015), and historical themes will be centred around anniversaries of a particular historical or some other notable event.

The “Eurythmia Calendar” series will begin officially in 2015 with “Painters of the German Romantic Movement”.

A trial version came out in 2012 with the theme “the Mayan Calendar” (some copies still available). Prospective future themes will include “The Voyages of James Cook” (2016), “Art of The Reformation” (2017), “Landscapes and seascapes of the Flemish masters” (2018), “50 years since the Moon Landing” (2019), “Art of the Roaring 20s” (2020).

The primary purpose of the Euythmia Calendar is summed up in its name. The Eurythmia Calendar is meant to enhance viewers’ wellbeing by providing aesthetically pleasing and beautiful, but also thought-provoking art work.

The Eurythmia Calendar’s mission is ‘to provide aesthetically pleasing and beautiful, but also thought-provoking art works, accompanied by a bit of education’. These will in general not be the ‘standard set’ of famous works seen again and again in commercial calendars, but often lesser-known works more rarely seen.

The calendar, as well as other products in Eurythmia’s range, aims to reintroduce these principles into people’s lives, by giving them something beautiful and harmonious to see and experience every day.

Another important aim is to educate; therefore, each calendar will contain contextual information and some critical and biographical/historical/scientific commentary about the artistic movement or historical event or issue.


•Type: Wall Calendar — Dimensions: 300 mm x 300 mm (12 in x 12 in)
•Print finish: Cover 300gsm Silk / Text 170gsm Silk.4 colour process and matt varnish throughout.
•Contains: 12 beautiful Monthly Image Plates, each accompanied by an article of approx. 500 words.