Monastery Garden

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From New World Music's
“Relax with Nature: Restful Natural Sounds”

Eurythmia-stocked Product

Monastery Garden places you in the garden of a European (most probably English) monastery, as nature and various birds wake, chirp away and gradually fall into their night rest. Every so often faint snatches of Gregorian Chant sound from the monastery. Very relaxing!

CD: 60 min


Authentic Natural Sounds – 60 minutes stereo

This CD is probably not the best to induce a deep meditation, in comparison to one such as Tibetan Monastery. However, everyone has different tastes, and changes in mood, so you may find it works for deep meditation.

For me this CD is ideal for physical relaxation. It is great background music to relaxing on a Sunday morning, reading the papers, or just having a quick snooze.

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