Tibetan Monastery

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“Relax with Nature: Authentic Natural Sounds”

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This CD features Tibetan gongs, bowls, horns, occasional Shakuhachi and deep meditative Tibetan Buddhist chanting. A wonderful CD to aid you in achieving deep meditation.

CD: 60 min stereo

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This is quite simply the best impulse buy I’ve ever made.

Quite by accident I came across this CD about 15 years ago. Not knowing much about Tibetan meditation chants or music at the time, I had little concept of what I was buying.

But for those past 15 years I have used this CD to meditate to more than any other. The sonorities of these authentic sounds just lend themselves to deep meditation.

You know how sometimes meditation is almost a chore, when you can’t seem to switch off your mind? I have found this CD works better than anything to bring my mind to rest.

I cannot recommend this CD more highly.

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