Leap! The Movie

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A film by Ike Allen and Ashley Anderson

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What if someone told you that your reality is an illusion?

What if you discovered a way to break free from your current perceived limitations?

Are you ready to experience an amazing life filled with Happiness, Abundance, Peace and Passion?

DVD (Region 0): 78 min

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A film by Ike Allen and Ashley Anderson

Are you ready to:

  • develop creative insights to dissolve your inauthentic fears?
  • reach new potentials in thought and action as you unlock a gateway into profound forms of perception?
  • discover the difference between “Reality” vs. “Actuality”?
  • accelerate your “Journey of Self-Discovery” beyond your physical space-time reality?
  • support your existing lifestyle by enhancing awareness and mental focus?
  • experience a life filled with Joy, Trust and Adventure?


Leap! is a documentary film featuring many of the participants in What the Bleep Do We Know? It is a much drier experience, but it does contain ideas that build on the experience from What the Bleep, and is certainly worth viewing several times.

A Region 0 DVD has no set regions and should be playable on DVD players set for any Regions 1-6.

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