Holstee Manifesto Poster – Large

18 x 24 inches

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Now printed on 100% cotton, made from salvaged cotton fibre by-products, Holstee's flagship product is the embodiment of Holstee's principles of sustainability in turning leftover materials into something meaningful and beautiful. The high-quality luxuriously textured paper is enhanced by hand printing each poster using a mid-20th century Vandercook letterpress.

Do what you love, be inspired, and inspire others!

Available in both:

SINGLE PACK US$36.00; or

(5 posters for the price of 4 – 1 totally free!)

Plus postage and handling from the USA (various choices)


Holstee Manifesto Poster – Original (Large)

18 x 24 inches

The Holstee Manifesto has been viewed over 80,000,000 times in various forms of social media. It has also been adapted into a very popular YouTube video.

This rendition of the original typographic print by Rachel Beresh has come out during Holstee’s third year as a company.

Holstee is a company that wants to do two things: create products that inspire, and products that are sustainable and help to take care of the environment. In other words, they are a company with a mission and a moral.

Have a read of the manifesto and see if it inspires you. I have a copy in my home office, right behind my work computer.

Available in various versions, this is the classic original (but slightly larger) form.

Be inspired!



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